Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Stick a yellow ribbon...

Is it me? Or is there more than a little bit of irony slapping a yellow "Support Our Troups" ribbon on the back of a vehicle which runs on the substance that finances most of the terrorism our troops are fighting this war over in the first place? This is especially offensive on the back of a Hummer or SUV.

Also, in what way does spending $1.95 at Walmart (which is a questionably unpatriotic act in and of itself, given the thousands and thousands of jobs that have been exported thanks to Walmart) support the troops? In fact, many of the ribbons themselves are made in China. No joke.

What does it even mean to support our troops? Should we send them care packages? Should we send them the armor the government hasn't seen fit to equip them with? Should we help them with legal expenses when they fight the army's back-door draft policy? Should we say a prayer (or light a candle if you're Catholic) for them each night before we go to sleep? Should we volunteer for the Army and encourage our sons and daughters to do the same so that we can provide military support? Should we write to the President and ask him to take some of the $50 million he plans on raising for his inaugural parties and spend it on improving life for the troops he has put in harm's way? Should we write them letters letting them know we're thinking of them? Should we return our tax refund to the government to help finance equipment for the troops? Should we write to the President and to our Congressmen and Senators and tell them to end the war that's killing our troops?

Which things on this list do you suppose the people with the yellow ribbons did?


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