Monday, November 22, 2004

What ever happened to...

My favorite piece of graffiti of all time is (or at least was) located in the 2nd floor men's room (do ladies' restrooms get graffiti'ed?), the one that used to be a staff restroom back before the renovations were done that gave me a shiny new office and then took it away again. Not that I'm bitter.

ANYWAY... The back of the stall door is covered with all this pre-election graffiti, an ongoing black-and-white political dialog between liberals and conservatives, each pushing their own political candidate while bashing the other side, to the point of using terms like "nazi" and "faggot". Then, at the bottom of it all, written in simple black lines, were two circles with dots in their middles, and the question, "What ever happened to just drawing pictures of boobs?"

Maybe that's our problem today. Maybe we've become too bogged down in divisive partisan politics, ripping out each other's throats, trying to win at any cost, and tearing this country apart in the process, when all we really need is just to get back to the basics, back to our roots, back to what made America great to begin with. So everybody get out your black sharpies, walk into the nearest public restroom, and go draw some boobs!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Life sucks, with one notable exception

Sometimes (weekdays, for example), I think nobody else cares about me. Thank god for my Fishy.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pro-Life... until birth

Ah yes, Christianity at it's finest. Suddenly I understand why so many so-called "Christians" voted for Bush. In a televised debate on CNN, Jerry Falwell said,

President Bush should "blow them [the terrorists] all away in the name of the Lord."

Wow! That Falwell is amazing. It's like he's directly channeling Jesus Christ. Where can I sign up to send him lots of money?

Jesse Jackson, a prominent black, DEMOCRAT minister appeared on the debate with Falwell, and replied,
"That does not sound biblical to me. That sounds ridiculous." Jackson added that the U.S. should "stop the killing and choose peace."
Bah! Who does this Jackson guy think he is? How dare he call himself Christian! Sounds more like an asshole to me. Must be one of those pro-Kerry liberals you're always reading about. 'Stop the killing'?? None of the Christians *I* know are in favor of stopping any killing. (except abortion, I mean). Just look at our President: He's a Born Again Christian, and he actually went so far as to launch a pre-emptive war that's killed over 100,000 Iraqis so far! THAT, my friend, is what REAL Christians believe in. And judging from the election results, it's clear that the majority of Christians agree.

Damn Democrats have no moral values. Hasn't Jesse Jackson ever read the bible? If ANYONE was ever in favor of killing, it was Jesus.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Like Begets Like

You'd think that at this point in world history, people would learn to fight fire with water for a change:

France started to evacuate thousands of its own and other foreign nationals from the Ivory Coast today, rescuing them from rampaging mobs targeting expatriates. Violence erupted after the Ivory Coast's air force killed nine French peacekeepers and an American aid worker in a bombing raid on the rebel-held north on Thursday.

In retaliation, France launched its own bombing raid on Saturday, wiping out most of its former colony's warplanes on the tarmac -and provoking a violent anti-French uprising of looting, burning and attacks by loyalist youths.